Friday, 8 February 2013

Lost Soul 2

No one wants to know
a soul who is lost
We want people with strength
Don't waste time and energy on the hollow man.
It's too hard to start with
To find the sparks to ignite
the flame of desire, of purpose
inspiration, direction
He knows it's hard
It might be impossible
Every last ember cold to the core
I could have been great
Or does everyone entertain such delusions
Is that the brain's job?
to keep it employed - to help it grow
But why doesn't it work now?
Not a thought, a fact, a plan
to rub together
Scaffolding scattered in disarray
Should have invested in steel to start with
Not these flimsy woods and twigs
The only thing flowing
is this stream of negativity
and it's getting too uncomfortable
gathering my living fibres and tumbling them off to an unknown valley of waste,
pool of doom.
But it is a new development
Yesterday could not even conjure up a word, a feeling...

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