Friday, 8 February 2013

Lost Soul

A lost soul
Existing, confused
Reactive to others' plights
Your own unidentified
Forgetful of the past
Uninspired for the future
Be here now.
Be witness to the breeze licking at the leaves
And the trees bending a little flirtatiously
in response to this attention
A welcome relief from the constant breathtaking baking
of the summer sun.
Like the trees, I just be.
Stand resilient.
But everything impacts
and either weakens or feeds the core, the trunk, the roots.
The leaves extend in friendship to whatever bird or beast alights
to be nourished by my juices
for that is their purpose
in the circle of life
That is my purpose
I need more.
Wandering forty days and nights
in the wilderness
and no revelations come
I feel like an addict trying recovery
But my brain is fried
I'm spent.

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