Friday, 26 April 2013

Garden Ode 1

The two year olds chase the butterflies.  
They don’t tire in their pursuit.
They love to watch the birds or even planes cross vision’s landscape
Is it the same for all?  The fascination of flight? 
Imagine you’re a bird in flight, face to the wind 

That’s why they have a beak 
A bird’s head is much like the shape of a jet or a rocket or even a plane.  
Is that what we learnt from birds?   
To minimise the point of contact? 
Yet a beak is sharp and pointed for their foraging and feeding, is it not?
We envy their agility, their nimbleness, their speed 
And even children in their butterfly dance 
Laugh the self-deprecating laugh of the clumsy 
But the laughter is joyous too 
Reveling in the strength of their limbs 
The resistance of air as they force through it 
Striving to overcome their inelegance
Children have faith in their bodies
They almost believe they can fly, as many 
Do try...

The fickleness of birds alights here and then there
Hedonistic? Or is there purpose to their travels?
Is theirs a life of need 
like the millions of earthbound flesh who have no time for indulgence?  
Their days are work filled 
to gather or purchase enough food for succour for sustenance
for subsistence.

The other animals of our planet are like our children.  
A lot of them do have time on their hands 
(They're time unaware  
without a care)
To sit on a telephone wire 
to receive an exhilirating and expansive view of the world
in its proximity 
A bird's eye view
not only to spy possible prey in their sights 
Do they sit feeling the thrill 
of being able to balance on such a fine foothold?
Sing purely because 
it is joyous to do so
Then fly to a neighbouring tree for a sampling of afternoon delights?
Red berries to intoxicate 
and give full throat to those songs of joy and fraternity 
as they welcome their peers to the party 
and maybe have a jostle or two for the spoils.

Here we are 
stuck in the world of work 
of time keeping, of worry and guilt 
for the waste of hours
Spent in daydream 
of the play of children and animals.

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