Monday, 15 April 2013


Ode to ‘The Smoke’

Do you want to die?
Think you’re invincible?
The devil smoke
Strong mind n body revoke
Ravaging organs
For the next high

Relax Mellow Yellow
Take the edge off anxiety
Sing about the ‘bacco
That we love and hate
We want to use you, abuse you, deny you and seduce you
The devil lover wreaking havoc
Want you coursing through my veins

Poisoning our bodies
We must hate ourselves
For love would not pollute
But substitute
A walk for a drag, skip for a hit, run for a gun
Depression acute
Might get a gun and shoot

Bad breath broke
Picture this
Running down the street in exotic places
Reaching the top of mounts and staircases
Buying bikes, pleasures and treasures invoke
Yet we still want the devil smoke.

What happened to
The Body’s a Temple?
Getting there slowly
Which one will work?
Weak as piss
Yeah deserve the dis
I need to be locked up
on a desert island
Don’t pollute
The air of my children
Put me under the spell
Cos I can’t do it myself.

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